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We are ALL multilingual!

Our mission is for everyone to recognise the variety of languages they have (whether it’s a spoken language, a computer language, sign language or emoji!) and BE PROUD of them.

With the WAM Primary School Materials

we aim to:


Raise awareness of all the language around us in order to:

  • Help teachers and children understand the range of languages backgrounds of everyone in the school or classroom

  • Support classroom belonging and whole school cohesion in valuing others’ languages

  • Help teachers better use the rich languages resources available in the current classroom to support children’s language learning

  • Develop an awareness of language in the community and nationally and so support social integration and cohesion

  • Enhance intercultural understanding


Develop general skills

  • Help children to develop skills in reflection on their current and future situation / develop skills in reflection

  • Develop a growth mindset where language learning is concerned

  • To develop empathy


This is a set of six free-standing units of work, with each unit comprising four 30 minute lessons. These can be used in different combinations to fit your schemes of work.

Who is it for?

They can be used with learners in any year group but might suit years 4-6 especially.


What does the pack include?

  • PowerPoints (which can be adapted for differentiation) including audio and video clips

  • Accompanying Teachers’ notes with suggested classroom language, timings, and pupil tasks

  • Learner worksheets / templates

Unit Titles:

  1. Who is multilingual?

  2. Am I what I speak?

  3. Which languages are there around me?

  4. What is culture?

  5. Is multilingualism good for you?

  6. How can we celebrate multilingualism in our school?


Do you want to help raise awareness and appreciation of the range of languages backgrounds in the primary classroom, to develop greater school and classroom cohesion, and enhance empathy, as well as teacher and child well-being?

Then look at our materials for use in the classroom!

speech bubbles-03.png


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